November 14-15, 2016
Embassy Suites by Hilton Convention Center Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

Main Conference Day 1

08:45 - 09:45 Addressing Threats to Vaping on the State and Federal Levels: Analysis of the Challenges to Continue the Growth and Availability of E-Cigarette Products to the Population

Gregory Conley - President, American Vaping Association

An overview and introduction of the currentregulatory and legislative atmosphere on state and federal levels by industrythought leader and avid advocate for the continued growth of the vapingcommunity


Gregory Conley

American Vaping Association

09:45 - 11:00 Close Lens Analysis of Regulations: Breaking Down Requirements, Costs, and Timelines for Obtaining Approval from the FDA

Jim Caci - Chief Financial Officer, Nicopure Labs

· Different climates forreception and regulations in global communities

· A analysis of profitpotential outside the US for manufacturers and entrepreneurs

· Innovation and productpopularity in Asian and European markets


Jim Caci

Chief Financial Officer
Nicopure Labs

11:00 - 11:45 Breaking Down the PMTAS: Research Requirements

Christopher Russell - Research Fellow, Centre for Drug Misuse Research

Christopher Russell

Research Fellow
Centre for Drug Misuse Research

11:45 - 13:30 Better Manufacturing Processes: Drawing from Pharmaceutical Practices to Produce Standardized, Traceable E-Liquids Products

Jeffrey Nelson - Chief Operating Officer, Cosmic Fog Vapors
Thissession will offer a unique opportunity to learn from a process expert, with arich background of pharmaceutical manufacturing carried over into the creationof a facility for manufacturing E-Liquids for an industry leading company. Largeregulatory bodies are less aware of how bottled E-Liquid makes its way to theshelves, learn about the technology and process protecting consumers andcompanies alike.

Jeffrey Nelson

Chief Operating Officer
Cosmic Fog Vapors

Join us for an industry thought leader paneldiscussion on the process for the Pre-Market Tobacco Authorizations for bothtobacco- backed large scale vapor product companies and independent ones.Discuss what can and can not be controlled and gain a thorough understanding ofthe undertaking


Gal Cohen

R&D, New Product Planning and Corporate Development Executive
PAX Labs


Ron Tully

Founding Memeber
Next Generation Labs

14:30 - 15:45 The Tobacco-Free Market: How Niche Markets are Developing as the Vaping Industry Continues to Grow

Ron Tully - Founding Memeber, Next Generation Labs


Ron Tully

Founding Memeber
Next Generation Labs

15:45 - 16:30 E-Liquids

Relax and enjoy hands- on experience with the latest innovations and flavors of E-Liquids from a selection of incredible new“mixologist”

  • Learn through discuss and demonstration the marketability of new E-Liquid products
  • How the regulations on federal and state levels will change facets of design, packaging and innovation.
  • Address the tough accusations of appealing to minors and collaborate with your peers on solutions going forward

16:30 - 17:15 The FDA Feint: Federal Focus Obfuscates True Threat of Restrictive State Regulation

A feint attack: adiversionary tactic to force the opposition to concentrate on a given area sothat their force in the target area is weaker. The U.S Vaping Industry isconcentrated on the FDA Final Deeming Regulation, however a real threat lieswithin the states' power to pass prohibitively restrictive e-cig laws.

While a majority of e-cigcoverage is related to changing the grandfather date and the premarket tobaccoapplication process, states and municipalities are passing laws such asIndiana's controversial permit law.