Main Conference Day 2

Opening Keynote

08:45 AM - 09:30 AM Challenging the Legality of the Regulations: Current Lawsuits and the Grounds of Implicating the FDA’s Impositions on the E-Cig Industry

Seth Coblentz, General Counsel, VMR Products

With no less than five active lawsuitsagainst the FDA, speared-headed by legal experts from many influential vapingproduct organizations and manufacturers, the future of the regulations is by nomeans set in stone. This keynote presentation will explore the challenges andthe possibilities for winning the case


Seth Coblentz

General Counsel
VMR Products

Case Study

09:30 AM - 10:45 AM A New World for New Products: Revising Marketing Procedures and Business Strategies for a Post- Regualtion Industry

Ryan McCrossan, Marketing Strategy & Business Development, Saffire Vapor Inc.
Afterthe August 8, 2016 deadline- innovation in a once imaginative and expandingmarket has been almost halted. This case study demonstrates the journeyof a newproduct, that just squeezed in before the industry –wide cut off and now mustadhere and adjust to the regulations- dealing with difficulties of restrictionson reaching new consumers.

Ryan McCrossan

Marketing Strategy & Business Development
Saffire Vapor Inc.

Interactive Panel Discussion

10:45 AM - 11:30 AM Understanding the Foundation and Vitality of the Legal Objections

Seth Coblentz, General Counsel, VMR Products Thomas Kiklas, Co-Founder/CFO, Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA)

Join litigation experts who daily evaluate and dissectthe regulations: ask questions and gain an in-depth understanding of thecurrent court battles. Discover and debate:

  • The basis of the claims including the FDA’s botched cost- benefit analysis and drafting issues
  • The other side of the story: where the FDA stands and the reasoning’s for the right to act
  • Outcomes, the effects of either on the industry- is this a last herculean effort for saving the industry or can growth continue if the lawsuits are unsuccessful


Seth Coblentz

General Counsel
VMR Products

Thomas Kiklas

Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA)

11:30 AM - 1:15 PM State and Local Business Advocacy: The Threats From Unrestricted Taxation on SME’s and the Importance of Community Action

Brian Fojtik, President, Brownstone Communications
Overthe past few years cases have appeared in multiple states through the US ofbudget deals and ballot initiatives imposing large taxes on vaping products.This legislation directly affects the front line suppliers of dedicated E-Cigcustomers, who often do not have the budgets and funding to compensate theseactions. Knowledge of these legislativemeasures and local advocacy can play a large role in protecting the vapingcommunity.

Brian Fojtik

Brownstone Communications

1:15 PM - 2:00 PM Championing the Smoke Free Alternative: The Nationwide Defense of E-Cigarettes as Lifeline For Consumer’s Combustional Cigarettes Cessestion

Glenn Kassel, Board of Directors, SFATA
Thereis a movement, with growing momentum, to shed a light on the aid of vaping inquitting conventional cigarettes dependence. Led by passionate and ofteninfluential individauls, dedicated to sharing the message that E-Cigarettesoffer a healthier alternative to a very dangerous product, chapters andbranches of smoke-free adovacy groups are appearing in almost every corner ofthe nation. This session will open the discussion of our Focus Day

Glenn Kassel

Board of Directors

Round Table Discussion and Product Testing

2:00 PM - 2:45 PM Where Do You Shop?

Experience and test the latest products on theshelves of different retailing locations. Available for examination will be newcigalikes, and open systems/ “mods” products. Join in on group discussions of:

  • Why and where certain products sell better: C-Stores and Vape Shops?
  • New innovations the customers are going crazy for- here and across the globe. Who leads the way?
  • How will regulations really change the retail industry of vaping products?- product quantity and quality.

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM Media and E-Cigarettes

An interactive multimedia presentation and talk-back exploring how the world perceives vaping.

Explore research and investigations into the physical and psychological effects of vaping in contrast to those of conventional cigarettes

How is the public being educated on these products

The impact the media has on FDA regulations

Closing Keynote

3:45 PM - 3:45 PM The Future of Vapor: Possibilities and Unexplored Markets for E-Vapor Products

Thomas Kiklas, Co-Founder/CFO, Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA)
Innovation in vapingequipment paired with the unbridled imaginations and research of vapingprofessionals are opening the doors to a new E-Vapor Industry. Exploring newmarkets and vaporizing beyond nicotine E-Liquids: stimulants, relaxants andeven medicines lead a bright future for the technology. TVECA has fought longand hard in defense and for the continued growth of the Industry and now theyare championing the potential like never before.

Thomas Kiklas

Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA)