November 14-15, 2016
Embassy Suites by Hilton Convention Center Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

Seth Coblentz

General Counsel
VMR Products

08:45 Challenging the Legality of the Regulations: Current Lawsuits and the Grounds of Implicating the FDA’s Impositions on the E-Cig Industry

With no less than five active lawsuitsagainst the FDA, speared-headed by legal experts from many influential vapingproduct organizations and manufacturers, the future of the regulations is by nomeans set in stone. This keynote presentation will explore the challenges andthe possibilities for winning the case

10:45 Understanding the Foundation and Vitality of the Legal Objections

Join litigation experts who daily evaluate and dissectthe regulations: ask questions and gain an in-depth understanding of thecurrent court battles. Discover and debate:

  • The basis of the claims including the FDA’s botched cost- benefit analysis and drafting issues
  • The other side of the story: where the FDA stands and the reasoning’s for the right to act
  • Outcomes, the effects of either on the industry- is this a last herculean effort for saving the industry or can growth continue if the lawsuits are unsuccessful

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Seth.

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